My Affair with The Sweetery

Somewhat inconspicuously tucked away near my office at 2nd & Cook in Vancouver, is a restaurant called The Sweetery. Since my first meal there, I have fallen in love with the place. Serving delicious new lunches every day, I have made my week revolve around their Grilled Cheese Fridays.

Unfortunately like my bag of Caramilk Secrets, all good things must come to an end. Behold, readers young and old, the incestuous concoction they are serving today known as Chicken and Waffle.

Satan Spawns Attacking Waffles

Satan Spawns Attacking Waffles

This, my dear friends, is the path of darkness.

Allow me to spell this out for you:

Fact 1: Waffles are a breakfast food.
Fact 2: Fried Chicken is a dinner food.
Fact 3: The Original Geneva Convention clearly specifies that the two types must maintain clear separation and any such violation is a crime against humanity.

It is my sincerest hope that the Sweetery will repent for this abomination of the food world before the darkness consumes them completely. Vancouver follows many trends, but it doesn’t need to follow all of them. It is our duty as citizens of this planet to fight these enemies. If you see a Chicken and Waffle, don’t think, just attack.

Until tomorrow, I may be so fortunate as to get a break from Subway and return to my beloved Sweetery. Seriously, this place is amazing — their brownies are to die for.

Stay safe, stay alive.

~ Curtis

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